Wed 18 April 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
EZXS - Hatzerim 9, Tel Aviv,

EZXS X Alibi X HAPPY INDEPENDENCE NIGHT 18/4/2018 ——————————————-
Ezxs gallery and Radio Alibi invite you to celebrate 70 years with our beloved swamp , Israel, Tel Aviv.

DJs playing at the party:

SH SE (kok shock) –
From the hardcore techno amazing kok shock parties, comes to us Sh SE To break you off to small pieces

Uriah klapter –
one of the most prominent DJs in the city, with a sound kicking and dancing, Oriya blows up the local clubs to exhaustion, comes to us for a pampering set:

L-DAR -live analog- The analog wizard Eldar will come to make a live show with his sound machines and send us to a new reality Of sounds

MAX POLYAK – The cat and dog custodian, one of the oldest DJs in the area, one of the best electronic music event organizers in the city will come to give you.

Ezxs – the first urban gallery in Israel for graffiti, street art and tattoos. The 140-square-meter, 140-square-meter space located in the Israeli graffiti capital, Florentine, was established and designed according to the artistic vision of the Israeli graffiti artist MAS972 with the aim of giving an official home to street art and improving the image of the niche called graffiti. Value to the other art mediums prevalent in the Israeli art world.


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