Thu 25 July 2019 | 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
The Well House - Salame 6, Yafo,

You are invited to an evening full of local culture!
3 hours of music, contemporary dance, sculpture, video art, performance, sound installations, New Media art, poets’ songs and the opening of a group exhibition.

The performances will take place simultaneously during the evening in the various spaces and in the courtyard of the well house.
Thursday, 19: 30-23: 00 Free entrance!

Artistic Management


Idia Porat Participants: WanderGAN
By Eyal Gross and Ran Perry
An audiovisual show that uses artificial intelligence to create an experience of wandering through imaginary images. The work presents real-time images from the search process that occurs in the brain of artificial intelligence. The experience gained sanctifies the path as opposed to the goal, and creates an experience of wandering in a dream.

“Project de la Shmata: The Sparkle” – Live Photography Theater
Created by: Igor and Anna | Directed by Sharon Silver
A puppet theater stage becomes a photographic set to tell a local urban legend. The camera places in the spotlight the everyday details that are common and forgotten to document the delicate texture of Jaffa. The attempt to capture the fragile reality is undermined when cracks break through the screen.

‘What soul’
Choreography: Fragrant Nussen | Dance: Shai Kokuy and Roni Rahamim
Excerpts from the dance of Ma Neshama, which is expected to premiere at the Diver Festival in September 2019.
In What Soul the interior becomes a mask, the voice for sound and the body movements into decorative shapes. The performers do not express themselves through dance, but actually separate themselves from it. They detach themselves from facial expressions, movement and voice, which usually function as mediators of inner feelings.
Production and management: Noa Lambersky Soundtrack: Matan Daskel
Dramaturgy: Ido Feder Costumes: Kobi Suissa

Music Storage
Operation: Daniel Dawidowski
Daniel Dawidowski is a composer, musician, improviser and sound artist. Daniel’s main instruments are soprano saxophone and custom electronic and electro-acoustic systems with a low-tech character. His work focuses on the development of the language of playing with increased objects. As part of this process, Daniel plays an increased pair of bicycles. He connects tape cassettes (“cassettes”) on which he makes sounds he records in his travels. The analogy between the bike and the tape cassettes illustrates the movement that rolls through the paths of consciousness.

Mirrors – Video Art Collection
Participants: Dafna Shalom. Aya Zeiger. The Salz Foundation. Roy Cohen . Jasmine Davis. Doron Golan. Moran Asraf. Nice to jump. Irit Barel Bassan. Daniella Meroz.

Live concrete
: Hagai Eisenberg and Dan Weinstein
Leib Set in the spirit of music-concrete, which uses non-conventional recording of space, toys, radio samples, acoustic and electronic instruments, and everything in between to produce spontaneous, unplanned sonoristic worlds in real time.
Hagai Eisenberg is a sound artist, composer and musician. One of the founders of the electronic band Rendezvous and creates in the spirit of concrete music.
Dan Weinstein is a musician, cello player and lecturer focusing on contemporary, avant-garde and experimental music.

Dance and choreography: Yuli Kobbsianian
Music: Sivan Eldar
Augustin Muller, IRCAM In collaboration with

He is Elian Walji
performer and performer, actor, sculpture painter and puppeteer.

-Speed ​​Performance-Insulation
In an ongoing process, the artist will try to resurrect a dead tree, float a shipwreck and challenge the inhabitants. All means are “kosher” – painting in sewing, sculpture in writing, singing with a fart and music at the screening.

Sculpture Installation The
artist Carmit Hassin will present a collection of sculptural works that give different interpretations to body parts, creating hybrid between body and body and between organic and artificial bodies. The content of images usually comes from the use of objects that are used as aids to the body, and in others the image moves away from the object and is received as a resonance that resonates with the human body.

New Forest in the Heart of the City: Installation and Reading Poetry
Helicon – The Association for the Advancement of Poetry
“Saying Nothing New But There Is – It
is Urgent and Exciting and Pure” (Israel Eliraz)

New songs bloom on the trees in the plaza of the well house in Jaffa. See, read, and listen to new voices and trees. Forests and people and all possible emotions between them.
Reading and listening: Avivit Chazak, Orit Klopstock, Tali Galsky, Yifat Gadot, Sabina Massag, Pnina Frenkel.
Editor and moderator: Sapir Yones

Lihoro – performance performance
by Nimrod Gershuni for
Hahoro, performance performance by Nimrod Alexander Gershuni, an artist who creates video-performance events and outstanding works. Combining video and recorded audio, improvised and live music. Belhurro Gershuni creates a complex installation in space as a control or control room, with which he reveals the mechanisms leading to the failure of contemporary masculinity.

Piece of
Performance artist Savyon cuts and connects the time, the body, herself, with the audience. It uses the original live video looper, polyoroid and physical presence – which together make a continuous installation.
Concept and Technology Development: Savyon and Dr. Eyal Gross, Artistic Production: Hamutal Atar, Original Music: Yuval Shenhar The work was created with the support of Akademie Schloss Solitude

Karar Decision Group
Classics of Arabic Folk Music and Original Arabic Music
Mohammad Kondas – Poetry and More Yoav Beirach – Bass | Lev Loftus – percussion

Rita Komisrtz’ik – a dance solo
break the body frame and simultaneously live within the confines of the body. put rhythm in our daily routine, it does not matter. commit to live this devotion pace.

Mobutu – Butoh dance
Mobutu Is a young ensemble based in south Tel Aviv and was born in the framework of dance meetings under the direction of his dancer and his creator Mazuz fleet. Butoh is a Japanese avant-garde dance developed in the fifties, dance driven from the oblivion and involves the treasures of the mind with the mind and the body. It is characterized Baksfrtibiot dramatic and deep concentration.
Dancers: Shlomi Mazuz, Elina Arbitman, Maya Nachmias, Nitzan Reich and Avinoam Sternheim.

Opening of a Group Exhibition
Wave Crisis
Curator: Idia Porat
Participants: Dafna Shalom. Chen Cohen. Yael Ben Shalom. The Salz Foundation. Shira Glazerman. Noa Haruvi. When is Elmaleh? Pearl Schneider. Noam and Nekret. Tal Yizrael. Nir Adoni. Adi Argov. Einat Alon. Carmit Hasin. Yael Feldman Shavit.

In the bag, the dishes are finely and nicely. Out of nowhere. Do not see (Israel) Eliraz, from “A man sits and watches her burning pears in the middle of the night” (p. 23)

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