Thu 30 November 2017 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Hey B-yair 68 - Hey B-yair 68, Tel Aviv,

Shirley Shor / CryptoMania

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 30, 20:00
Artist Talk: Friday, December 22, 12 PM
Curator: Yaron Haramati

First solo exhibition of the artist Shirley Shor in Israel.
Shor belongs to the new generation of New Media artists, who delineate the use of cutting-edge technologies to formulate a contemporary art language. Based in San Francisco, New York, and Tel Aviv, she created an original collection of code languages produced in real time. These serve her as a personal dictionary from which she composes an abstract, minimalist, and geometric world of images, which forms an interdisciplinary dialogue that involves architecture, fashion, music, and contemporary culture.

CryptoMania brings the cyberworld and human/machine relations in the post-digital age into the world of art. Shor explores abstract themes like identity, language, and borders, contemplating their place and relevance in contemporary life. The exhibition will showcase new works along with some of Shor’s most iconic works, showing in Israel for the first time. The exhibition will feature a sculptural installation in collaboration with Adam Steel.

Address: 68 Hey B-yiar St. Tel Aviv
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 09:00-20:00, Friday 09:30-15:00

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