Fri 7 October 2016 | 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
xFLO - Frenkel 33, Tel Aviv, FREE

HaBud2, Florentin’s wardrobe exchange party is on again!!!
This time we’ll be hosted by a very special place, called FLO, a co-working space located in 33 Frenkel st.
On this date, the whole neighborhood will be celebrating the MADE in Florentin fare!

It’s time to clear some space in your closets, get some cool new items for free and enjoy!

For those of you who haven’t been following, הבד קיימא Habad Kayma awesome wardrobe exchange party has been adopted by the Florentine community center and is now called “haBud2”!

This is how it works:
Bring your clothes and fashion items which are in good shape and just lay around in your closet, and build yourselves a new wardrobe using other people’s gifts.

You may also bring books and non- fragile household items in good shape.
Bring as many as you want, grab whatever suits you, it doesn’t matter how many items you brought and how many you took!
It’s great for the environment, awesome for your pocket and all in all- fun!
What ever items are left after the party, will be donated to the “Pitchon Lev” charity organization.
Music by Ayal Gelles!

This time the Event will take place on Friday October 7th, at 12:00-16:00, in the FLO co-working space, 33 Frenkel Stree.
You can bring your give away stuff on the fair itself, please contact us if you want to bring things in advance.

*pay attention to the change in the time and location!
* Volunteers are very welcome.
* Please bring clothing and household items in good condition only.
* Fee entrance!!!
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