Sun 7 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Beit Kandinof - Hatzofim 14, Tel Aviv,

Excessive exposure # 1
An exhibition of graduates of the photography departments at Beit Kandinof, Jaffa

On 7 October 2018, a comprehensive exhibition will be opened at the Kennedy House in Jaffa, presenting selected works by graduates and graduates of the photography departments of the high schools of art.

This exhibition seeks to revive a long tradition that was interrupted by the closure of the Open Museum of Photography at Tel Hai, under the direction of Arie Sagi and the curator of Naama Chaikin, who hosted the photography department graduates’ exhibition for about two decades and enabled a panoramic view of the young field of photography.

With the entry of Naama Kleiman, former artistic producer of the International Photography Festival, to the position of curator and artistic director of the Kennedy House, Kleiman decided to continue the tradition and bring it to the center.
The exhibition will present a selection of works by the outstanding graduates who completed their studies in 2018.
Despite the variety of stylistic and genres that characterize the work bodies, there is a substantial and central preoccupation with questions of identity, especially in the presence of the body. Interestingly, at the height of the digital revolution that characterized photography since the beginning of the millennium, and brought the medium away from the material, the feeling that photography attempts to return to the material, the human and the traditional is strengthened.

The exhibition will present photographic and video works by the Minshar Art Academy graduates in Tel Aviv, the Hadassah College in Jerusalem, the Academy of Art and Design at Bezalel, the Musrara School and the WIZO College in Haifa.

Adva Raz, Dorian Creado, Hila Chen, Adi Dar, members of Salon 5: Or Zahavi
Michael Shvadron, Natasha Kandov, Naama Rahamim, Idan Simon Rotem Shmueli, Shai Dror, Tom Azaria, Tomer Fruchter. Matan Gapel, Nicky Moore, Lina Mustafa, Niroz Okla, Rojna Rudstein and Ronen Zane.

Curator: Naama Kleiman
Text accompanying: Yair Barak

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