Thu 5 September 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv,

Eviatar Banai and Tamir Muscat with a New Show 

Thursday 5.9.19
Audience Entry 20:30, Start 22:00
Attention – Discounted Tickets at the

Eviatar Premiere constructor and Tamir Muskat, we were exposed to connect special and rare between the two artists super new song “mercy”, the connection is harmonious between the two led a joint project, the coming winter will gather to EP and performances with Tamir and special vehicle new show will shake you to the heart and bones.

This is the connection of music fascinating Two brilliant and original creators, who seem to come from different musical worlds that have created a bridge to a new musical world with a unique and distinct language, forming into a meeting Lam groove soul-bit floating ground water.
Show common and will play new songs from the rich repertoire of Evyatar and new songs from the creator of both.

On Stage:
Eviatar Constructor: Singing, Guitar and Piano | Tamir Muscat: Musical Production, Programming, Samplers and Drums Hermon Roy: Keyboards, Samplers and Trumpet | Itamar Ziegler: Electric Guitar and Bass.

Eviatar Banai: “Last winter, a wonderful connection was established between me and Tamir Muscat. I came to the studio with chips of ideas, textual, musical. And together we developed talking, we wrote and recorded, and then suddenly, the speakers told us a story, took us. It’s my first time Experiencing such musical maturity. So much so that we both felt it would be right to step out of my self-concentration and call this project a name for both of us. For me, these songs have a great accomplishment. From worlds of doubt and mental and spiritual clarity, these songs have a firm, complete, loving, believing statement. Friends. There’s a bit here. ”

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