Thu 18 July 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Charles Bronfman Auditorium - Huberman St 1, Tel Aviv,

After many requests, we are happy to announce the opening of another show by “Up to Love” the solo performance in question by Eviatar Banai.
Special guest: Tamir Muskete
Thursday, 18.7.19, Tel Aviv Hall of Culture
20:30, beginning of the show 21:00
Special price for Facebook members (limited inventory) For

The upcoming concert is a rare opportunity to peek into the work of two original artists, who appear to be from different musical worlds, to see how their connection creates a new musical world.
“Last winter I recorded five new songs together with the producer and drummer Tamir Muscat (Asaf Avidan, Chava Alberstein, Shlomi Shaban, Balkan Beat Box, etc.) Tamir also produced the first part of my latest album” Tongues of Fire. ” You will turn on drums and other kinds of sweets to perform with me the new songs and the rest of the songs. Evyatar.

Eviatar Banai is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and exciting artists in Israel. His poems present an exposed truth of beauty and pain. Words, beliefs and thoughts that accompany us in the most difficult and beautiful moments of our lives.
The solo performance is a new performance, a chronology of a journey through time that combines 20 years of creativity. This is a rare opportunity to meet the songs directly, accurately and intensively, as they were first written on the piano, the same piano that accompanies Eviatar from the first album to the present day. In the show there will be new and intriguing versions of the songs familiar from the rich repertoire of Eviatar, in remodeled arrangements: I have a chance, a Russian theater, nothing sad, ambition, presents, dog competition, until tomorrow, father, beautiful as a brick, children, tongues of fire, pergola Love and more.

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