Wed 17 January 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:45 pm
Hangar 11 - יורדי הסירה 1, Tel Aviv, 138 NIS

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of “Laila K’Yom Yair”
Guests: Itamar Doari and Daniel Zamir
Thursday 17.1.19 (Yeshiva performance)
Audience entry 20:30, start of performance 21:00

“Night as Today Yair” – Eviatar Banai’s fourth album was published in 2009, from which some of the most beautiful songs in Israeli music were released: until tomorrow, Father, letters are blooming in the air, and tonight Yair will sing a song bearing the album’s name.
Even today, looking back, it is easy to see that the songs and texts intertwined with them reflect with great precision Eviatar’s DNA both as a creator and as an artist who constantly deals with the inner struggle, the encounter between day and night, the pit and the water, seeking the consolation of faith.

Itamar Duari – an international percussionist and one of the most glamorous stars in the world music scene. A musical processor and producer with a unique fingerprint. He played with Eviatar on the album “Layla Yair Yair”, which is a wonderful invitation to expand the cooperation between the two.

Evyatar wrote at the time about the album:
“The CD is for people who want it, people who will meet with themselves, in the room or on the way.
In the easy and difficult struggles. In the morning and at night, the light and the darkness that are mixed with the soul.
The CD is like I am, but I know that the CD is no less than Amir Zoref’s production, and that of Roi Shaked and Oded Schechter, who played drums and bass and Ira Dayan who designed the wonderful booklet, and many other dear friends who worked a lot.
Music can only be done with friends.
The title of the album – “Night as the Day of Yair” – is part of a verse in Psalms. King David, who wrote this ancient book of poetry, was a warrior and a poet, filled with a struggle between dark forces and illuminating powers in his soul, and the songs of this book lit up nights of change and solitude in a single-family apartment on Dubnov Street in Tel Aviv seven years ago. To light a thin light of grace and consolation through the heavy, thick curtain of our world. ”

Eviatar will be accompanied by his wonderful band and will be joined by Itamar Doari, one of the leading Prakashniks in Israel.
Jean Paul Zimbris – drums and sampler.
Amit Itzhak – Guitars.
Roi Hermon – trumpet, keyboard and sampler.
Avri Borochov – bass, contrabass and percussion.

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