Sun 28 May 2023 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Enrico Macias sums up 60 years on stage. 
”Shalom Israel” – a concert tour bearing an exciting and meaningful name for Enrico Macias and his band of musicians.

The fascinating and intense career of Enrico Macias spans six decades. 
He is no longer a child and fortunately he feels great, so age does not bother him, on the contrary, it is very nice to him, he 
continues to be active, perform in the world and plans to celebrate with his audience in Israel 60 activities on world stages.

Recently, between a performance and a TV shoot, Macias makes sure to find more time for himself and his family and decided that this is the time 
to write what is going to be the book he has been planning for a long time.  
An autobiographical book about the moments that make up the story of his life: as a poor child of a Spanish-Jewish family in Algeria 
alongside his gypsy friends from whom he learned to play the guitar for the first time and thanks to them the nickname “Enrico”, 
about his family, his daughter and son, his grandchildren and his late wife Suzy, the woman of his life, 
the choices, the difficulties And the joys, his personal relationships with important personalities, prime ministers, presidents and exemplary leaders 
that he got to know in front of the IDF soldiers in the outposts and in front of his performances around the world


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