Thu 3 January 2019 | 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Inbal Dance Theater - Yehieli 6, Tel Aviv,

Video Art / Performance / Sound Design
3.1 – 9:30pm

Premiere of ‘Embodiment’ – a project that strives to present the possibility of inner change and its outward manifestation – a metamorphosis of human consciousness, and deals with the study of the phenomenon of change in relation to space and time and its codification.

Artists –
Anna Lann & Jonathan Trichter

Dancers –
Shay Kukui, Tamar Rosenzweig, Nunzia Picciallo, Gal Gorfung, Tom Nissim, Tamar Even-Chen, Oran Barak, May Manovitz, Gal Levinson, Amit Tine, Yael Weiss, Nitzan Shafran, Yuval Finkelshtein

Lighting –
Omer Sheizaf

Original music –
Anna Lann

Orchestration –
Rotem Sherman

Video edit –
Anna Sharon

Live performance –
Violin – Anya Doulova, Viola – Nina Loeterman, Drums – David Gorensteyn, Synthesizers and Vocals – Anna Lann

Production team –
Anna Sharon, Dor Vaknin, Daniel Shichor

Graphics –
Danielle Erenberg

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