Mon 2 March 2020 | 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Ozen Bar - King George 48, Tel Aviv,

We went crazy. I mean, really. We went crazy. Yes operation, not operation, we went crazy. All that’s left is drinking and lots of it.

After the dizzying failure of the 2019 elections now seriously, the State of Israel presents the 2020 Spring Festival and claims there is no connection to Purim.

To end the saga this time, the third ear will run as part of a technical block within the Holy Trinity Party (nose-throat) and subvert a coalition of 61 with its natural partners – the Arabs. Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday evening. And Herzl. Herzl Beer.

To celebrate the establishment of the new bloc (or: to drink to forget), we hereby announce the launch of the collaboration with Herzl’s capital at a price of only NIS 28 from the time the polls open until they close. 4 different types of beers are waiting for you in our refrigerators from 4.9% to 8% alcohol and different flavors.

And after you discovered national responsibility and went to vote, you could lose control: At 10:00 pm when the polls were closed and the results of the sample were published – Herzl said: Pee-over! One plus one. Drink fast, because it’s only an hour. 8% double alcohol 2 beers in 3 rounds may suffice. If not, as best tradition, we’ll all go for a fourth round.

and besides that!
The Earbar team prepares you a sea of ​​jobs, za, surprises: sample cards that will show us how much the Tel Aviv ear is connected to the people. DJ at the Cafe, a surprise surprise and national merchandise. Like the poster found in the event’s cabaret picture. The work of Haifa artist Rani Atlan. The poster will be available for ear coffee at NIS 45.

Besides, give Rennie Lake:
and also visit his store, because he is doing a lot of cool stuff:

So that’s it, for now. Let’s hope that next time is another 4 years, and they will stop blocking King George because of Prime Minister’s visit to the werewolf.

Vote right!

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