Tue 24 October 2017 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Kanta Bar - Ibn Gvirol 71, Tel Aviv,

On Tuesday, 24.10, at the different think & drink meetings in Kenta, we will host Efrat Harel-Heiman for a lecture on psychopathy: the dark side of humanity.

We all want to be better people, educate our children to be “good”, yet we are shocked by the horrific crimes that happen around us every day, we clasp our hands and ask, “Why?”
What is the difference between psychopathy and sociopathy? Are all the psychopaths criminals, why does the disorder develop? How can psychopaths be identified? What is the difference between psychopathy and sociopathia? What do they feel? What motivates them? Can they love? Why have they not yet disappeared from the world? Do we all have a “little psychopath”? And what was Darwin and Freud supposed to be?
In the lecture we will break myths about psychopathy and discuss the phenomenon through aspects of evolutionary, biological and psychodynamic psychology.

Efrat Harel Heiman is a clinical psychologist and lecturer at the Open University of the Department of Psychology. Harel also treats psychopathic sufferers and destructive relationships. During her clinical internship, she also treated prisoners from the closed psychiatric ward at Ayalon Prison.

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