Thu 19 September 2019 - Sun 22 September 2019 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location - TBA - tel aviv, Tel Aviv,

EARTHANCE EARTHANCE The Earth Dance () (: –

On : 19-22.9.2019 We meet again for our annual annual celebration! ♥

We will meet on the same date, as every year, together with the entire extended tribe that we and the world community, family, joy and synchronized ours.

** the event will be held concurrently with dozens of events around the world, with hundreds of thousands of people to celebrate with the 21.9 – day equality and International peace day,
an event full of celebration and a message of hope, faith and prayer global synchronized.

~ ~~ annual global issue particularly exciting us:
collective intelligence – cOLLECTIVE iNTELLIGENCE !!

fascinating subject which is in our view so speaks the essence Fastiv And the nature of the tribe we are.
Individuals’ and the whole movement, as emissaries of light on this earth.
(And not just a nice slogan, but the best practice that !!!)

The event is a global social fundraising event –
50% of the profits are a contribution (for all of us) to projects that make our world a better and better place to live.
For us and for all future generations.
– The goal of the donation will be published later.

Most of the production and artists come on a voluntary basis at nominal prices so that we can all have the contribution together.
And that’s how we all gather together for something big and common.
So – thank you all !!! It is not obvious at all.
And thanks to the being and the magic created when we gather and create together. with love.
“… when the multitude of colors meet, the redemption will reach the world” – an ancient Hopi theorem.

~~~ This year’s event will be the “Gania” on the stream (the most fun !!) in a more intimate format of a boutique event, quality, dance, deep and exciting.
Designed for 260 tickets only … (-:

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