Fri 21 September 2018 - Sun 23 September 2018 | 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Kinneret - Kinneret, Kinneret, From 280 NIS

The world’s largest annual international peace event, for the seventh time in Israel.
A social, musical, family fundraising event, changing life and consciousness.

The EARTHDANCE Festival will be held at the beautiful Megadala beach on the Sea of ​​Galilee.
An enchanting private beach.
Suitable for individuals, couples, families and children of all ages.

The event will take place simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world and we will all share a common prayer for peace – internal and external.
About half a million people, across dozens of countries and cities, will pray together at the exact moment …
Powerful and exciting …
Invited to take part in a life-changing experience …
The prayer time in Israel will be between Saturday and Sunday 22-23.9 at 02:00.

What will happen at the event –
★ Music from world cultures ★ Knowledge and sustainability workshops ★ Dance and dance performances ★ A cross-continental prayer rite ★ A unique earth dance boulevard ★ Sacred fire space and much more …

As every year, we and all (!!) EARTHDANCE events all over the world contribute 50% of the profits for positive causes worldwide.
This year – we in Israel will donate the money to save our beaches and the struggle to remove the gas rig from Dor Beach !!!
Because we all want a clean and healthy country, for us and for all future generations.

Last year we donated NIS 15,000 to save Achziv Beach and save Apollonia, who also won the protest (-:

Want to influence? Let’s dance and leave behind us an economic, moral and social seal to keep the land and our society.
That together we will succeed (-:

A little about the event content:
The full program will soon be released, in the meantime we will tell them that there will be –
~~ Live and varied performances of world music,
~~ Performances of Jewish musicians and Arabs for bringing together hearts and the understanding that we are all one,
~~ Dance and movement workshops – Indian dance, African and more ..
~~ Knowledge workshops from all over the world !!
~~ This year we are happy and excited to host medical professionals from the Indian traditions and to build an exciting medical complex that is all prayer – the power of prayer !!
~~ My grandmother is from the Lakota tribe in Arizona, which is part of the Council of 13 wise grandmothers, the medical man Kuchbita of Colombia, the shaman indius of Brazil …
~~ A magical and rich children’s complex,
~~ vegan food, tasty and nutritious,
~~ Art and Art
~~ Community complex

~~ And other surprises and exciting !!

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