Sun 2 December 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Israeli Opera House - Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 19, Tel Aviv,


A new concert series at the Israeli Opera, which combines classical and popular music. Artistic management: Shlomi Shaban and Avner Biron
– In cooperation with the Israeli Camerata Jerusalem –

Performance 1: “Electronic Night at the Opera”
Sunday, 2.12 at 21:00
Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center
With: Shlomi Shaban, Noga Erez and Red Axes

“Electronic Night at the Opera” will bring to the fore the cutting edge of local and global electronic alternative music – the singer, creator and producer Noga Erez and the successful Israeli couple Red Axes, in a first encounter with a classical orchestra and the concert hall. Each ensemble will perform its best repertoire in unique orchestral arrangements, and will examine the unique sounds of Noga Erez and the minimalist segments of Red Axes when they meet for the first time in the sound districts of the Israel Camerata Orchestra, Jerusalem.
Conducted by Avner Biron and Karin Ben Yosef.

I wonder what Shostakovich had to say about the composition?
The concert will begin with a special performance of three episodes of Dmitry Shostakovich’s Quintet Quintet by Shlomi Shaban’s special arrangement for keyboards, synthesizers and orchestra. Here is the opposite reflection. Shostakovich’s acoustic music will undergo “electronization” and will be performed for the first time under current conditions of performance.

Noga Erez is a producer, singer and singer of the most prominent in the Israeli electronics scene. The debut album ‘Off The Radar’, which she wrote and composed and produced with Uri Russo, was released last year in the label City Slang (The Fire Arcade, Calexico, Caribou, The Notwist). Before releasing an official single from it, Noga was selected to perform at the Primavera and SXSW festivals, the Rio Olympics and festivals across Europe and even warmed international artists such as Moderat Roosevelt and Crystal Castles. The first single from the album “Dance while you shoot” was published in “loud and quiet” magazine and was soon featured in other prestigious magazines such as NME, which crowned it in 2017 as one of the most promising pieces. She was invited to a live session at Nylon Studios, and came to the billboard homepage as part of an article on recommended local performances and more. All the singles that have been released so far have been accompanied by artistic and piercing clips and they have received great exposure in radio stations and international magazines. Erez and Rousseau recently made another achievement when they were chosen to lead the Apple Music campaign and the iPhone X advertisement

Red Exes are Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arazi, a duo of DJs / producers, who are at the forefront of global electronics. Behind them are endless cross-country tours, collaborations and remixes to some of the hottest names on the planet, the Tripas project, which combines trips to places such as Africa, India and Asia, to record music with local artists, master workshops in children’s music schools, In the current world of music, Red Axes is considered a kind of inventor / pioneer of a new genre, what the press has defined as the “contemporary sound of Tel Aviv,” a combination of alternative electronics that connects the world of electronics to the world of rock and punk. Together they set up the label “gazen” with names such as: the white screen, the Chunky page, Abrau and more.

Reflections is a new series of concerts that tries to place the classic alongside the organically popular, new and fascinating. This is the first collaboration between the Israeli Opera, the Israeli Camerata Jerusalem and the creator Shlomi Shaban.
The unique concerts connect works of the 20th century canon with current Israeli creators, creating connections and reflections between musical genres that usually do not meet under the same musical roof.

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