Tue 12 December 2017 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Kanta Bar - Ibn Gvirol 71, Tel Aviv,

On Tuesday December 12, at the “think & drink” meeting in Kanta, we will continue with the drunken lecturers’ line, where two lecturers give lectures (about 40 minutes each) after four chasers of whiskey / vodka (and a chaser every ten minutes of a lecture) .

What is problematic in nutrition science?
The first lecture will be given by Zri Breikner, a clinical nutritionist and authors and directors of ‘Big Science’ in Katana:
Why do all the studies in the diet contradict each other? How is it that until a moment ago saturated fat was the public enemy No. 1 and now he is actually a martyr? Is all diet research biased and bad? How do the big food and lobbies influence us and how can we escape this? All that can be compressed in half an hour is drunk on the current problems in the world of nutrition and how we will probably emerge from them in the coming decades

Prof. Guy Ron – Nuclear Weapons: Myth vs. Reality

The second lecture will be given by Prof. Guy Ron, a nuclear physicist from the Hebrew University who deals with various fields of nuclear physics and modern particle physics:

How hard is it to build a nuclear bomb? Should we worry about the dangers of nuclear reactors? What is a dirty bomb and should it bother us?
In this lecture we will discuss nuclear weapons. The physics behind the principle of action, the possible dangers and disinformation about nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons.

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