Mon 24 September 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Anna Loulou Bar - 2 Hapninim street, Jaffa-Tel Aviv,

If you want to know the value of a person and really know his nature, you should see him naked. Leave his assets, his signs of honor and all the disappointments of success and even his body will be spread. I invite you to come and look at the soul of the poet to feel its nature and qualities (Seneca “Letters”)

If you can forget yourself, if only for a moment, then all that is in your deep depths will truly be yours (Plotinus)
Invite you to forget yourself and spread for us or just look at our souls.
Shir Aleichem, chaser on us.

Evening presenter: Eleanor Arazi

– —

On Monday any limit as far as the microphone tells the poetry of what they wrote and what I wrote and loved and heard us and the facilitation of sweat on us!

Monday at 21:00
Poets are drunk with pearls

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