Sat 6 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Riding 3 - Riding 3, Tel Aviv, 100 NIS

Although he was taken away at the age of 21, Tal Pascal spent a lot of time in his life – he was an outstanding student in the Psagot program. He completed his bachelor’s degree in software engineering and a master’s degree in software and information systems engineering. He started working on Stratapim and studying the capital market.
Tal practiced in various sports and participated in many competitions, was careful and learned about a healthy lifestyle and played piano and saxophone.
Tal was also an avid admirer of the band Dream Theater. He was thrilled by the lyrics and works each time and had an unswerving passion for the band in particular and for the genre in general.

Therefore, his partner Dafna and his family decided to celebrate his birthday in a moving tribute to the giant with the participation of leading Israeli progressive metal bands.

The event will be held on a non-profit basis and the proceeds will be devoted to Tal’s commemoration in various corners and fitness facilities in the places he loved.

One hundred first tickets – 90 NIS
Qualifying price – 100 NIS
Price in place – 120 NIS

Opening of doors: 20:00
Start of performances: 20:30

In the evening they will participate:

Scardust –

The progressive metal band that conquered the country and quite a bit of the world returns to Israel after a tour in Germany in order to salute one of the bands that influenced it more than any other vehicle.

Yossi Sassi & The Oriental Rock Orchestra –

Yossi Sassi, the man who founded the combination of ethnic music in heavy metal and heavy metal throughout the world, joins an unusual band of musicians to unique versions of Dream Theater’s songs.

Aperco –

A modern progressive rock band that has already managed to anchor its musical flag in the Israeli rock scene – with eyes all over the world, the band gives the advanced rock of the 1970s the live taste of a modern vehicle.

Storchi –

Progressive Swallow that correlates with metal music and lots of Folk Rock elements – this rising band has already impressed everyone who saw them giving their unique touch to progressive rock music.

Liquid Dreams –
In honor of the event, fans of Dream Theater enlisted their hearts to perform the music of Tal’s favorite band in the most professional and positive way, in a way that will touch and touch the hearts of all the fans of the band.

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