Thu 11 April 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Beit Ariela Public Library - Shaul Hamelech 25, Tel Aviv,


That in this time that we did not meet we were able to do their fullest;
We did a crazy Glow mask that promised us radiant skin, we do not know about it, what we did with her picture of Satori, we breathed, breathed, weaned, we cut our hair, we did not like how he came out,
We took out all the toxins out of the Aka Ditox
We said to you for the winter, you were a friend, and you’d have fun
And with our bright, clean face we looked forward
And there we saw her in front of us
Worth murder
Hi, renewal
How beautiful you are with me?

And now that’s the year of it
Preparing ourselves for spring
And after all that gray
This is the time to get the drafts out
Do PO on the dust
Concentrate really hard
Collect the hair with two sticks
And a little clean up
In honor of the sun
At the end
Always coming.
Still, it is Israel here, a beautiful tropical country, a land flowing with milk, a country that must leave Wattaber
The main thing is that we do not read your drafts very much
Cook in Cookie Diary
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And you’ll get kisses from the librarian
Who got mad at the mess we’d had the night before
And this time we promise we’ll try to be better kids
More connected
To ourselves
from within
And Beit Ariela are waiting for us, and the magic remains on stage.
And if you do not understand there is an evening draft in the library and that is a reason to party

Until then
His father Cherry Blossom Garrell & Boy

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