Thu 27 December 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sol and Sussy Mark Center - Tagur 26, Tel Aviv, 120 NIS

Dr. Hilit Erel Brodsky: The voice is at the top of shadows and sounds

Trauma is characterized by the fact that it remains as a wordless, wordless testimony without telling a story and without an ear to hear it.
Thus, it can not be processed and deceived by the victim’s ability to be witness to what
That happened to him, to know himself and tell his story. In her lecture, Dr. Erel Brodsky offers the medium of music as a conduit for both the traumatic trauma and the possibility of healing, one that seeks to communicate with the inner one and at the same time holds its absence.There may be a sense of trauma, a bridge to testimony, symbolization and language, The lecture will discuss her appearance – the musical reverie, in which the therapist experiences a kind of daydream that includes songs, melodies and words, and suggests that the musical narrator may be part of the process of witnessing – sound testimony, in places where words can not formulate and contain the intensity of pain and terror.
Dr. Hilit Erel Brodsky, Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist and Clinical Lass,
Member of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalysis Association, winner of the Award Today Psychoanalytic Training Award
She is a teacher and instructor in psychotherapy programs at Bar-Ilan University and Tel Aviv University, in the Independent Stream track, the Faculty of Medicine, and a faculty member in the Department of Social Work at Bar-Ilan University.
Price for a single lecture: Member of the association – 80 NIS Student / retiree – 100 NIS, non-member – 120 NIS.

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