Thu 18 April 2019 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Polly - Rothschild Boulevard 60, Tel Aviv,


On Thursday, 18.4, we are honored to host Dr. Danny Zeevi’s lecture on the history of mankind: The Genome version.

What is the human genome? How was the first person created? What surprising historical discoveries
Hidden in the genomes of the Jews? How did Genghis Khan affect genetics in the world?
And how mutations helped the Europeans conquer America?
In our gnomes today, as well as gnomes plastered from skeletons from archaeological excavations,
Hidden evidence of fascinating chapters in human history. The formation of man, the encounter with Neanderthal man, the migration of peoples, pogroms and wars, monasteries, epidemics and economic changes, all left their mark on the genome that passed us editions
The previous ones are found in each of us.
Dr. Danny Zeevi, a genetics researcher, will be hosted at Think & Drink Different for a fascinating lecture
In which he will tell you how to learn about the past through genetics and discoveries
Amazing histories it provides us – from the ancient man, through the Jews, the Mongol Empire and the conquest of America by the Europeans. We will also discover how our genomes can save humanity from extinction in the future.

Dr. Danny Zeevi is a researcher of genetics, lecturer and entrepreneur, who has done postdoctoral research in human genetics at Princeton and UCLA Universities, and holds a doctorate in genetics from the Weizmann Institute.

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