Thu 24 January 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Mona Studio - Lavanda 36, Tel Aviv, FREE

Down the rabbit hole, something like a floor and a half

To go out to a place you did not think to reach, meet people you do not meet every day, get glimpses of their heads, change the perception of reality for a moment and give doubts about what.

Painters, photographers, video artists and musicians share a space for one magical evening, all of which is underground art and hymn, the hatter and the spring rabbit at an unforgettable birthday party!

An exhibition of the best creative and original minds in the area, live performances accompanied by visual art and of course the position of selling nonsense in the best tradition!

Artists exhibiting:
✤ Mor Haddas-Illustrator artist
✤ Danit Rot- Digital artist
✤ Tal Ram On- ​​Photographer
✤ Karen Misck – Illustrator artist
✤ Elad Mualem – Illustrator artist
✤ Henriette Wotton-Illustrator artist
✤ Artista Omer Elmaliah- Comic artist

Live performances in the dark studio combined with visual art:
Omri Nobel – Omri Noble and the noblemen – Good Time, energetic and energetic combined with original video art.

Jake Asulin – Rocky Hebrew Rock – A special performance for the launch of the single “Puppet” with video clips by Junior Romero and Mor Haddas.

Moon Landscape Moon Landscape – a theatrical rock show that is entirely an alternative psychedelic trip combined with the art of “The Black Light”

Talk about a cup of tea or beer on your choice of crows and writing tables, and about the right use of time.
Cricket in the yard for the goers.

Thursday 24.1 | 20:00
Mona Studio – Lavanda 36 Tel Aviv
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