Sat 20 July 2019 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Cuckoo's Nest - Noam 3, Tel Aviv,

On the evening of the 20th of July we will host a discussion about the history of Disney

“Disney” is a company, a brand, is an industry and it is a religion In fact, one of the world’s major religions, has symbols, hymns, holy sites for pilgrimage, and millions of devout believers, whose influence and popularity far outweigh those of any other cinematic force, and like any religion, less well known. more rumors, theories and questionable stories have been associated with this company than any other company.

lecture by film critic Doron Fischler, you will hear some of the stories Question: How “Walt Disney” has become an animator single world-dominating empire, what their section with princesses, some dubious sources of these princesses, and how – if at all – are able to participate in today’s world.

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