Fri 24 May 2019 | 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History - Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv,

Special screening of the film Animus Animales at the Nature Museum

24.5 || 10:30 || Steinhardt Museum of Nature NIS 44


* * Purchase of a ticket to the film is entitled to the entrance to the museum! * * *

Encounter of the Summit – The prestigious Docaviv Festival arrives at the Nature Museum in Tel Aviv for a one-time event! ~

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Animals hunted snowy woods of Lithuania do not complete their lives there. from the moment he was shot the bullet, the cycle begins second life, almost mystical, where deer, roe deer, wild boars, birds and raccoons stuffed, displayed proudly displays worship and even returned to the forest ~

The community of hunters and taxidermists is constantly moving on the border between life and death. Where even the church is decorated with innumerable pairs of horns, and babies curling naturally in furs-hunting is seen as an expression of the adoration of nature, the worship of animals, and the human need to surround themselves with them. The complex process of taxidermy requires expertise, precision and love for animals, and is a kind of ceremonial attempt to recreate them

* The screening in the presence of the creator! *

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