Mon 27 May 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Digital - Ibn Gvirol 69, Tel Aviv,

A cinematic experience from the sixties on the story of the sixties ★

27.5 || 20:30 || The old driveway Pre-registration required

~ Returning to Woodstock with ray digital and Docaviv Docaviv special evening screening of a new movie Drive does not yet screened in Israel and Themed – “Back to Woodstock” ~

more than half a million people flocked to Woodstock, car and foot , Looked and felt like pilgrims with religious faith. The mythological music festival was the symbolic culmination of a cultural revolution, three days of total surrender to the gospel of peace and love after a grim decade of conflict and war. The organizers, who did not imagine what a huge impact their festival would have on an entire generation of young people, trying to understand, fifty years later, how the magic was made and how that event may still inspire musicians, activists and dreamers all over the world –

The film shows everything that has not been seen in previous films about Woodstock: the backstage, the security guards, the technical staff, the neighbors and of course the audience that turned Woodstock into Woodstock ~

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Important >> Registration is for 1 car only and up to 4 people within it, limited to one car for a digital card ~

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