Wed 5 September 2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
The Poli House - Nachalat Binyamin 1, Tel Aviv,

The intelligence component, in other words, early warning, has tremendous significance in combat contexts and not only in the physical dimension but also in the cyber world.
Since the attackers will always precede the defenders, the presence of preliminary intelligence may be a decisive parameter that will determine whether the attack will be realized or that it can be prevented.
In terms of information security, there is also a critical significance to advance intelligence, as it enables the attacker to perform a qualitative deployment, which includes, inter alia, familiarity with the network architecture and the internal organizational structure. Such deployment allows the attacker to adapt the attack method optimally to the target organization, thereby increasing the probability of success of the attack.

The evening will take place as part of the Avenue of Innovation DLD Tel Aviv:
Wednesday 5 th at the Poli Bar, 60 Rothschild Street, Tel Aviv
Opening Doors: 19:00
Lecture start: 20:00
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** About the lecturer **
A researcher and coordinator of FireEye’s cyber research and intelligence department in Israel, today assists a variety of government agencies and security organizations in Israel in dealing with the most advanced cyber threats in the world.
Senz was born in Teheran, Iran, and immigrated to Israel at the age of 17 after finishing high school with honors and taking part in the Chemistry Olympiad. Upon completion of a degree in science from Tel Aviv University, she enlisted in the Technology Unit of the Intelligence Corps – 8200, where she specialized in communications, intelligence, cyber and various aspects of information security. Sanz served 15 years of service in the rank of Major in the 8200 unit, while she received the last rank at the rank of Major of the Military Intelligence.

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