Tue 5 March 2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Golden Sun Kambucha - Allenby 87, Tel Aviv, FREE

*Free Community Lecture*

🙊WTF is plastic?
🙉Where does it come from?
🙈Where does it go after we are done using it?
🐵What can we do about it?

Ask the three Doctors! 🙂

Did you know we are finding *toxic* microplastics in our digestive systems, in our water, food and even BEER? 🍺It’s killing wildlife and damaging precious, fragile ecosystems. 🌿 This problem is of epic proportions, but WE can make a difference!💪

Dr. Tania Bird (founder of @StrawFreeIsrael), Dr. Ella Fussmann and Dr. Céline Bounioux will be treating us to their triple lecture that will help us to understand exactly what is plastic, why it’s such a problem for our planet – and the many ways you can take control of your plastic consumption today!

Our speakers:
➡️Dr. Tania Bird (founder of Straw Free Israel – לא שמים קשים) conservation ecologist and sand dune biodiversity specialist.
➡️Dr. Ella Fussmann, a biologist and devoted activist for marine conservation.
➡️Dr. Céline Bounioux, a material scientist and plastics specialist.

▪️Understand what is plastic and why are some recyclable while others are not so that you can make informed choices when buying products
▪️Learn how and why to live a caring, sustainable and healthy lifestyle
▪️Top ten ways to quit single-use plastic

~kombucha on tap
~discounts on eco-friendly items
~10% off metal straws
~raffle to win a free *REFILLABLE* liter bottle of Kombucha!

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