Mon 16 November 2020 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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There are over 100 Digital Marketing Jobs on the Secret Tel Aviv Jobs Board,  but Digital Marketing is a broad term. The purpose of this panel is to hear from some of Israel’s top marketers and digital marketers about the different streams of digital marketing: what’s trending, and how to apply.


PANEL HOST – Mike Bargman – Co-Founder and CEO at Headline Media

Mike Bargman is the Co-Founder of Headline Media, Israel’s largest global public relations firm.  Employing a team of 40 olim from across the world, Headline helps Israel’s leading tech brands to bring the Startup Nation innovation story to global audiences.  Over the past 10 years, Headline Media has worked with over 250 startups and has helped 20 Israeli companies reach unicorn status. Work with Mike – check out open jobs at Headline Media.

Yoed Negri – Head of Digital Transformation at Sodastream

Work with Yoed – check out open jobs at Sodastream.

Pratik Thakker – Head of Digital Marketing at GeoEdge

Work with Pratik – check out open jobs at GeoEdge.

Chen Guter – VP Marketing at Lusha

I started my marketing career as a brand manager at Procter and Gamble, where I built some of the leading and most loved brands in the world like Fairy, Pampers, and Tide; and drove BIG ideas like “Smell like a man” for Old Spice, and “Run like a girl” for Always.  I came to B2B tech after over a decade with a mission to bring some of the brand-building spark of B2C into the “boring” B2B world, and turn tech brands into iconic, lovable brands. Work with Chen – check out open jobs at Lusha.

Jonny Steel – VP Marketing at Payoneer

Work with Jonny – check out open jobs at Payoneer.

Lior Eldar –  Co-Founder and COO at Moburst

Lior is the COO & Co-Founder of Moburst, an award winning, global mobile success company that helps companies grow their mobile business. Lior specializes in ASO (App Store Optimization) and Mobile media, and has an immense experience in these fields. Work with Lior, check out open jobs at Mobust. Work with Lior – check out open jobs at Moburst.

This panel is part of the Secret Tel Aviv Virtual Jobs + Education Fair on 15th-16th November 2020. Register here and hit attending on Facebook for regular updates.

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