Sat 23 March 2019 | 3:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Ramat Gan National Park - Ramat Gan National Park, Ramat Gan,

Purim – perhaps the most powerful holiday, the only holiday that every man in the State of Israel scratching all over his body, because there is no choice, then Purim must go out and enjoy. Perhaps it is Ahasuerus who instilled in us this policy of intoxication of senses, perhaps it is the ability to disguise everything we choose, which is certainly the time to enjoy the truth! Full of work, study, running, here’s a chance to once release your body and dance!

Speech of 3 years!

We are embarking on a new adventure, kicking out, going out to show the city we are not afraid of, going to a truly colorful musical world filled with passion, full of joy as only we can get. Speech celebrates 3 years on the holiday that most characterizes it.

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