Thu 13 December 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Theater Club - Yerushalaim Street, Tel Aviv,

Diana Arbenina and “Night Snipers”
Grand concert as part of the world jubilee tour
December 13th
Moadon ha-theater

“Night Snipers” celebrate the 25th anniversary of creative activity. During this time, the cult Russian rock band has created many hits: “31 Spring”, “You gave me roses”, “Frontier”, “Capital”, “Sailor”, “Actress”; recorded soundtracks for such films as “We are from the future 2”, “Rasputin”, “Kandahar”, “Carmen”, “Intimate diary of Anna Karenina”. The musicians have more than 10 albums, many singles, prestigious music awards, as well as participation in the largest Russian rock festivals “Invasion”, “Maksidrom”, “Wings”, “Rock over the Volga”.
The history of the team dates back to 1993, when the first performance of “Night Snipers” at the All-Russian festival of art song took place in St. Petersburg. The group and its permanent leader Diana Arbenina is a true legend that went beyond the boundaries of the traditional understanding of Russian rock.
Live concerts of “Night Snipers” are always sold out, gathering hundreds and thousands of fans in Russia and around the world. It is precisely because they want to see and personally congratulate their favorite artists with a round date in many cities and countries, the anniversary tour of “Night Snipers” will last for two years.
For this tour, the team has prepared a special program: the most favorite hits and new songs, light shows and unique scenography.
Add, the rock star herself in a recent interview noted that 25 years for the group is not the number of years that obliges to sum up: “A quarter of a century is a great excuse to show everything you managed to do, to play the most relevant and favorite songs , invite friends to concerts, enjoy the fun, have fun, read the new, remember the old. In general, 25 years old is a young age, whatever you say. And my mood completely answers him. So unlearned lessons full backpack! ”.
The only concert in Israel as part of the world tour will be held in Tel Aviv in Moadon ha-Theatron on December 13th.
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