Tue 14 November 2017 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Designit TLV - Raoul Wallenberg 18, Tel Aviv, FREE (RSVP needed)


As our markets change, we see the growing theme of traditional industries and organizations being ‘disrupted’ by new entrants and innovative approaches from the outside, challenging traditional beliefs and long-held assumptions.

While it may seem that some incumbents are slow to react, and rather defensive in their approach, many leading organizations have taken a more adoptive and constructive approach, choosing to ‘disrupt’ themselves, rather than be disrupted by the competition.

These organizations have decided to invest significant resources into developing alternative solutions and challenging their foundations, seeking to maintain leadership and set themselves in a position to win the future landscape, despite the perceived risks of short term losses, potential cannibalization, and unknown ROI.

In our next Boost event, we will further explore and discuss the concept of ‘self-disruption’ and share a variety of approaches to this – from developing and launching a new company that will directly compete with the existing business, to entering new markets with an innovative approach, to building a platform for exploration of several initiatives and opportunities that all share a common theme of transformative innovation within a more controlled environment.

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