Thu 4 April 2019 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
WorkShop - Moshe Maor 3, Tel Aviv,


You are as designers, creators, dreamers in many directions. You have this idea in mind, or your design, which is currently on a low flame, the one you told yourself that one day, when there is enough time and money, you will fly on it. The one that will bring to the world your creation, from which you can live, to make a design that makes a difference.

Just for those dreams – we’re here. We are excited to invite you to a conference that will make you start 2019 otherwise, to mark realistic and achievable goals, to know more, to be inspired by designers just like you who did it big, and jump a big leap forward.

We are the dartart, and we are here to accompany you on the road to a dream.

In the evening Design your way. A series of fascinating speakers will come to the stage to talk about various aspects of personal entrepreneurship, creativity and what is in between. Beer and inspiration.
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There will also be great speakers:
1. Uri Pupin, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design’s Industrial Design Department: How I became a student at Bezalel with fetish to folding cartons, the owner of a cardboard toy company that manufactures and sells all over the world (and what I learned from the mistakes on the way)

2. Nimrod Beck, industrial and management engineer, entrepreneur, application programmer, and expert on Kickstarter: on mass funding in Israel and abroad, how to build a strategy, who it is suitable for, and for whom it is not. Nimrod Beck, inventor of Pressy and Boogie Dice entrepreneur and strategist, How to build a strategy, who is actually suitable, and who does not.

3. Galit Kol Angisky, jewelry designer, workshop academy director and lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology: How do we bridge the gap between our work, which we believe so strongly and the barriers and fears that make us not make it a successful business and fly ahead with it?

4. Why designers do not always design the right themselves, the art of how to tell your story and generate interest and a community that will walk you all the way and what is the storytelling that everyone is talking about.

5. Danny Orr, CEO of the Dartart: All the changes and trends in the field, what new and interesting developments are expected in 2019, and how you as designers can benefit from it, and also full of important tools that will make you do it right.

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