Wed 7 August 2019 | 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Yad Harutzim 11 - Yad Harutzim 11, Tel Aviv,

Want to buy items from special prices at 30-50% discount?

The design exhibition opens to the general public! On Wednesday 7.8 from 19:00 to 21:00 or while stocks last – so it’s best to get ahead early. Admission is free of charge.

A design exhibition for buyers and shop owners.

A glimpse into new collections that will decorate the design stores in the coming year.

The design exhibition for shop owners and buyers is one of the most professional and prestigious exhibitions taking place today in Israel. Importers, artists and product designers Israelis united by their quality, dominate the space of about 1000 square meters, paint it a lot of chic and style and especially bring a lot of pride.

Collection of unique design items from household textiles, home styling items, quality paper products, designed shelves, storage boxes, dinnerware, home and kitchen gadgets, designer bags, jewelry, gifts, toys and more. one roof and introduce us to new collections for summer and the holidays coming in – 2019. “This exhibition was a need to create a proper platform for premium speak the same language of quality and an eclectic style unique. the success lies in product mix demonstrates Israel’s place in the field of design, precisely because the designers and creators Which are considered a boutique. ” The developers, Ami Gueta (owner of the well-known paper store Yolta), Ophir Blumenfeld (owner of the Shoka chain store), and Liat Rahav, the exhibition’s producer and owner of a public relations firm in the field of design.

“The idea was to create a platform for creators, importers and designers of a product of various sizes, some of which even started out, which proved to be a success.” The goal was to create an exhibition of boutique items, to open the door and create a platform for those who create and lead the design scene in Israel.

The design exhibition is held twice a year, ahead of Passover and Rosh Hashanah, and is closed to the public only. A range in which it is accurate and selective. Which excels commercial fragrance, and provides pleasure, inspiration, pride and lots of beauty and style. No more crowded and crowded exhibition, no more giant brands that paint the space with sponsorships and advertising. But a collection of precisely selected exhibitors who joined together for a unique exhibition. Brands and artists we all love to love and follow them consistently come together under one roof and provide us with a glimpse of the new collections. 

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