Sat 6 October 2018 | 1:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Desert Night & Day Club - Sderot Meryland, Rishon Letzion,

Crazy running into the unknown, tens of thousands of unsatisfied beings meeting for a moment, there are things that are quiet and the music is even more beautiful. The desert is bigger than all of us, I whispered to myself and looked toward the place, but if it was abundant, filled with all the good and the distant pleasure, how could you not call it an oasis?

Location o place?
The endless location of the Desert, palm trees surround the place, walls lined with desert paintings, between the girl’s eyes lining the atmosphere of the golden pyramids that surround the square. The sounds of sound hover around, the endless stage that each artist carries one after the other, and the absolute feeling that this is the best place to be on that Shabbat.

Date o date?
Shabbat One lunch in which everything connects to everything,
They say that everything is possible when you continue the vacation and we are definitely total people. We raised the gauntlet to fill you in. A Shabbat afternoon is all you need to be sunny and melodious, we are sure to be unrestrained until the end.

Opening time o Gathering time?
Starting to populate at 14:00,
Total evacuation at 23:00
Or the sensation of leaving the body.

Is music the answer?
The line will move between local artists who dictate the pace in the city, running in doubles, because the best in two.
Everyone who came to experience every plaza, smelled of desert, and traveled long ways to reach his musical oasis. The language will be shared electronically out of the boundaries of space that we have to contain the event towards a completely different world of conventions, towards the movements of the body, take one lunch, release the soul, open the ears and dancing as no observer.

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