Thu 2 August 2018 | 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Eshkol Park - Park Eshkol, Tel Aviv,

The events of “Summer Nights in the Northern Negev” return to the Besor Park (Eshkol).
2018 is the year of the Israeli Grove. It seems to sweep everything that moves, and moves everyone. For one hot evening in the open air, the best ensembles and artists will perform a marathon of performances from dancing into the night.

Hadag Nachash ** Dudu Tassa ** Red Band ** Mercedes Band
The Channel of Refreshments ** Paul Trunk ** Lucille Crow * Liron Amram

Hadag Nachash – The most successful and beloved band in Israel for more than two decades – Gold albums, platinum and especially the songs that occupy each of us a moment, a period and a state of life. This time, too, they invite you to move in the new performance with all the favorite hits that accompany the release of the new album “Volkam To Yizrael”

Dudu Tassa – The last year was another significant year in Dudu Tessa’s glorious career. With successful appearances abroad, among others, in a historic tour with Radiohead documented in a documentary film, a gold album about the masterpiece with the Kuwaitis, and a long series of musical collaborations that produced a series of hits.

Red Bend – a musical comic party that will not leave you indifferent for a moment with the excellent and unique arrangements for the cabarets we all love.

Mercedes Band – the favorite rock band led by the charismatic and electric vocalist Gal Toren, in a performance with all the hits “Come and Bring You Tefannek”, “Davines”, “The Underwear Department”, “Malach” and more

The refreshment channel – the trio who conquered the chain, a wonderful country and the marchers with “duck skin”, “Tanya”, “that’s how it is with us” and not long ago with the new song “Kadawa” Bring comfortable shoes and your most beautiful tights, and get ready to move with the bass.

FULL TRUNK – The groove and blues quartet, which has been hailed as the most fun show in Israel, will raise the ceiling (if there was one in Eshkol Park). This year the ensemble released a new third album from which the singles: Hey Hey, Show us what you got, Which took the pinnacle of the parade in Galgalatz, and there were numerous solo shows all over the country alongside international performances including the giant Sziget Festival.

Lucille Crew – an international collective groove that combines skillfully with the beautiful, funk and sol, well packed in a groove that does not stop and a scorching breath. Throughout their activity, Lucille is on an endless tour in Israel and around the world, and among other things they have already performed at huge festivals in Germany, Russia, France and more.

Liron Amram – One of the most intriguing young artists in Israel, Amram has been on the field for years and has established his status as an exceptional performer, writer and composer in the local musical landscape, an original creator who takes concepts such as “Eastern / Mediterranean music” . Amram has recently won the ACUM Prize and has an old dream that he has starred in the parades and was played on the radio, with Liron Amram and the Panthers performing mostly in original Hebrew material.

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