Sat 25 May 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Kikar Rabin - Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv,

“Now is the time to wake up – the house is crumbling” (Hadag Nachash)

We are now witnessing a real threat to the image of Israeli democracy and the supremacy of the rule of law in the country.

“The independent trial is in fact the last bastion of human freedom in our day, and in the
fall of the fortress of law there is no longer a savior for the man who is eroded among the millstones of power.”

In practice, if laws are enacted to reduce the power and authority of the Supreme Court of Justice, de facto means giving the executive authority too much power and a dangerous imbalance between the Israeli authorities, which could lead to a crisis and polarization that has not yet been recognized in the history of Israeli society.

Arguo’s motto “house keepers” has always been: “environment, sustainability, fairness.” At this time the emphasis is on fairness.

If we do not preserve democracy, the soul of fragile Israeli cohesion, we can not protect the environment, society and the Israeli economy from the economic interests of tycoons and their long arms.

On Saturday evening, May 25th at 20:30, a mass rally for democracy and the rule of law will take place in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square.

This is the time to go out into the streets, to cry out for the cry of democracy and to draw a picture of the state in which we aspire to live.

We call on every Israeli and Israeli wherever they are – supporters of the right, center and left – all those whose rule of law and democracy are the guiding light – to reach and to voice, even in silence.

Let’s preserve democracy.
Let’s keep the house. Let us protect your Israel.

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