Thu 21 February 2019 | 11:55 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

Deep / Back, Boutique and Divider Boutique are excited to open the 2019 in the best way we could imagine with those who already understood everything:
Frankey & Sandrino | Toto Chaivetta
(I N N E R V I S I O N S)

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The romance between Boutique and Different continues, when it feels right to us, we will continue to do our own here for you.

When the two creators of Défer celebrate birthday –
Shai Yirmiyahu and Idan Zadok We can not go over it in silence, after 8 events in the last two years that created content worlds for you, we realized that the content comes from us and from you together, and it’s time to raise the bar another step up.
Express yourself
Video art, decor and special designs are the means by which we will express ourselves and celebrate life and creativity. You are invited to be with them, to be your imagination and to express yourself.

Sometimes you have to start a little step before you understand everything.
What’s the trendiest and coolest to wear, the odd thing is cool, too colorful or we’ll walk on the black look, be exaggerated, without expense. Not forever-just this time.

This is exactly the essence of expressing us outside, not because we saw in the magazine, certainly not in Storey. Because you got inspiration and she won you.
Deifar was established for expression and self-realization, and what we felt was the fruit of the work.
The goal was not to open gates and press play but to paint the experience with the people we are.

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