Thu 31 May 2018 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Beit Maariv - karlibach 2, Tel Aviv, 60 NIS

“You can not enter the same screen twice”
third. Broide, the white screen
Ladyz & Gentleman – Death to Techno – Launch Party !!!!!
We are proud to release to the world our new scandal – “Death to Techno”

In honor of the birthday of the new Efe, we will all gather for a crazy party we did not know in Peking.
The white screen in the new and lethal lineup RED AXES The best pair of DJs and masters in the world and other hot sets of friends and friends – XEN, Ryskinder, OLSVANGER and Michael Shek invite you to an unforgettable night of love, music and calamity in the heart of the club … Ya Varadik! ! !

“Death to Techno” is a futuristic EP produced by omnipotent Maestro Dori Sadovnik (RED AXES), who took the white screen on a psychedelic journey in an electronic world and together they explored and reached new sound areas …
The cover was created by the artist and brother Oren Fisher. A clay party from hell.
End of an era. A New Beginning.

HIFI will be released to the world on the label that is the soul – GARZEN RECORDS.
The record can be ordered in advance via the following link –
“Death to Techno – the festive launch party”
big room :

The white screen in a hot band show !!!

Small room:

Reisskinder (DJ Set)
Michael Shek

Maariv House
51 Menachem Begin Road, Tel Aviv
Opening doors 23:00
Entrance – 60 NIS Prerequisites: Up to 1:00 / 100 NIS Full price

The white screen will be:
Autumn Ben – Shahar – Drums Noa Ailey – Cello Nimrod Goldfarb – Bass Farkashan and Keyboards by Yuli Shafriri And Brothers Broid ..

Poster – The Biggest Inspirator in the Universe – Oren Fisher // The Chef The Village
Photography – Electrifying Favorites – Netalie Feldsman & Itzik Mor
Design – Dana Weingart // The new wave on the field

See Warnings !!!!

Long live the white screen – techno death !!

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