Tue 15 May 2018 | 10:50 pm - 11:59 pm
Shalvata - Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv,

Yossi Eichenbaum Birthday –
In Tel Aviv, there are no more leaders today, there are characters, the one inside the mauve, the new net star, the people who are busy with their own branding and less at work, everything is very plastic and there is almost no personal touch and the next person who has raised a number of generations of partyers. He is from a different school, one that always makes you feel good, that you pick up the phone to ask how you are and not to get in touch with you a few days before your birthday, always Good Vibes, always here and active.

A night culture designer who was involved in almost every junction and every significant period that accompanied the Tel Aviv night. From the past and present clubs such as the penguin, the zitzi, the dada, the griffin, and of course the cat and the dog, through huge productions and festivals like Solomon in the park, amazing oceanic recesses, huge beach parties from Achziv to Palmachim.

Mr. Yossi Beg, the first Eichenbaum,
Taylor’s owner immediately, Piano House, Raisa Flea, Vick and Senior Partner in spoons.
It is a day of celebration for Tel Aviv every year, the birthday celebration of this extravagant thing.

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