Thu 21 June 2018 | 11:55 pm - 11:59 pm
Alien Trancepot - Derech Salame 46, Tel Aviv, 60 NIS


For those registering for the event
40 nis til 00:30 !!!!!!
60 nis after
80nis for those not registered

arny’s birthday bash ~ f $ #%! ya!
A moment before we run away with the spacecraft to Europe we are giving a birthday party to Ernie and through her success. There is a selection of Rabbis and Rabbis to bless the child and the way, so accept without too much Bilboli, with electricity and goats, and with all the regret that you are pushed to do.

If we have been on the attack of South Africans then we have caught you one of the finest, just before the Metzar snatch it to the Carnival Carnival. Then we’ll all go to relax on the plane and look at the animals above with the arrogance of the Darkists.
Anubis Freak Records – South Africa

Our god comes to cut you to death with lots of new stuff and some of the ones we’ll bring with us in a suitcase to the main stage of the Hamzarz. The first from the north, the first to be called the slaughterer from Safed, the father of dragons and the prince of engravings
system error – Traumatix Records

You will understand your beauty well and baker, it will give you a good mind from the opening until you brownies space with candy crackers and fantasy kimonos with a pinch of girls about our position in the universe and the ego death of the Tel Aviv heroine wearing blacks. Accept it and not otherwise
Reality Sky Music – DB Danza Bookings

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