Wed 4 December 2019 | 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Firma - Tushia 9, Tel Aviv,

We all want to influence our audience in an unforgettable way, but we forget ourselves that no holds barred.
Sometimes, you have to touch a weak spot and wake up the devil, to emotionally manipulate and trick,
to trigger an action from the audience at an irrational level and bring them precisely what they don’t like.

Welcome to the dark sides of the design and marketing world, that no one is talking about – until now.

How do we use anger or hate in order to create a brand?
What is the connection between psychological warfare, branding and marketing?
Which manipulations can you create through UX?


Aluf Benn
Editor-in-Chief at Haaretz
Who killed Goliath?
Is reaching the “truth” possible and what are the obstacles on the way

Yehoram Davidi
VP Strategy and Brand Development
Branding Bad
The driving force of negative feelings

Hadas Sadeh
Senior Strategist at Firma
Fighting the battle of perceptions
Psychological warfare tools to influence audiences

Netanel Kosovsky
Chief Digital Officer at Firma
Dark UX

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