Fri 28 June 2019 | 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Mondo 2000 - Levinsky 36, Tel Aviv,

There were once and many years ago, between Jerusalem and Micha Street in Tel Aviv, a wonderful couple of parents were born, a little prince named Danny. He answers even where we discussed, although since the Mondo it’s a bit confusing.

Little Danny Bowen Halevy, did not yet know how connected to heaven, he was just born .. He did not know much in general.

Wherever he turned, the sky always accompanied Danny, walking in the street, playing in the neighborhood, and even inside the house.

When he felt they were far away, and he wanted to get closer, he went and learned and found ways to make that contact with the sky.

As Skipper sailed into the open sea and watched the water, he realized that he wanted to touch then he began to climb, and then he was a little nostalgic, so he started off with rappelling, and he rode the mountains and surfed in the Alps and picked up at parties.

And when all this felt bad enough, little Danny gathered his friends and together they opened Mondo 2000.

He knew that he would not have to part from the heaven he so loved. He would live among them, equal among equals, on the roof of the world, between himself and the earth.

By chance or not really, his best friends are pilots, music captains and Goose Vibes,
and on his birthday we decided to land Benji on a lovely lunch / sunset set,
and Itai Burg (small in the system) with his band for another mesmerizing performance.
Everything will happen there and even a little more.

38 In Gematria it is “mourning” – perhaps that is why the avant-garde is retarded, but this stupidity does not diminish your obligation to reach the mountains, the most picky, indulgent, indulgent, extracting, and stunning choice the city has known.

Opening the elevators at 13:00
Opening a kitchen at 13:00
Balance band too early but you do not have to come to it.
The beginning of an appearance sometime in the middle of the
floor toilet on the 4th floor
Levinsky 39
Free entrance

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