Tue 16 July 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv,

Daniel San Krief
First album launch!
Bari Tel Aviv
16.7 Tues
20:30 Opening Doors 22:00 Opening of the show

Special guests:
Teapacks \ Quarter to Africa
Ben Elon \ Aviv Bachar

Guy Mozes, Yotam Mahler, Nitzan Eisenberg, Hagai Frestman, Noam Chen

Dancer: Michal Glickberg
I’ll be in front of and after the one and only: Eran Feller with a new album in the hot oven, Daniel Sun Krief arrives at Barby!

Daniel San Krief is the impudent meteorologist who has been waiting for local music and is landing with an amazing debut album. The musician from the south of Israel, who grew up in the space between the urban concrete and the sand and the sea, releases her musical self – and it is not just one thing. The new album “Tory to Say” that Sharaif wrote and composed reveals a new Israeli female voice that breaks the rules. So who is Danielle San Krief? The girl from the periphery who grew up on black music and Mizrahi pop? Who wrote poetry even before reading poetry? Is a “grenade” that decomposes octaves for breakfast? Rapper in the Ark? All of the above and more (and more, etc.) were expressed in an album that includes electronics, hip hop, pop, and asro / folk – with lots of sweet sweet sauce over, please.

Krief’s first encounter with the general public was not exactly according to the book, and in fact she burned Caesarea even before she took out one single on the radio, when she took the stage as the new singer of the band Teapacks, which she joined when she was completely anonymous. Along with Teapacks, Krief appeared hundreds of times, perfecting what was already ingrained in her since childhood, the ability to capture an audience with charisma and Star Quilty that shine far and wide, and the talent to make each song her own with a lightness that almost angers her.

All this without too much self-importance, but with high professionalism – equipped with a captivating, one-time voice. Teapacks combined this voice with songs such as “The Provocateur” and “What with me”, which were very successful and raised the ears of editors on radio stations. When Kureif’s debut single, “Turn to Say,” was released, he was welcomed with open arms and entered the various playlists and performance charts, pave the way for more songs that came out and fuel the anticipation of the full album, released this month by Guy Mozes.

Every once in a while an artist arrives with a debut album that hits a ball with a pony.
Perfect in his potency and purposefully due to his. Then make room for your first baskets because “My turn to say” is exactly one of them.

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