Tue 26 February 2019 | 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Habait Theater - Noam 5, Tel Aviv,

Andrea K. Martini and a new Ronnie in the most common Quirky evening:

‘Victims and Images’
By Roni New

Performed by Carmel Ben Asher and Roni Hadash
Original music: Noa Ayali
Rehearsal management: Dana Shoval
Dramaturgy: Yael Beyagon Citron
Artistic consultation: Maya Brinner
Duration: About 25 minutes
The work premiered at the 2018 Screening Festival

In today’s stage medium, both the performer and the creator are required to sacrifice a certain part of the body’s belonging to itself; Whether for the audience, for the choreographer or for the ‘shape’ / ‘image’ that the body serves.

We wonder about the ‘service’ of this body and our desire to continue to be bound by it.

But is there a way to slip away and become a body without an image, on days when the patterns of cliché images of femininity are woven into us without our will? And what are the implications of the opposite situation, an image without a body?

By Andrea K. Martini

The work deals with the balance of power between a performer, an audience and information that emerges from the outside. The tension between these elements directs movement and action on stage. When is the propeller the driving force, and when is it not? When does it control and when is it controlled? Can he create intimacy, quiet, and an experience of relaxation in the context of external tension? The work is a quest for the dynamics of the show.

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