Tue 20 August 2019 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Pluto Studios - Levanda 45, Tel Aviv,

An intimate workshop with Dan Mayo and Noam Levinberg, on artistic freedom of expression through sound and improvisation.

For more details and tickets (very limited number of places) – https://www.eventer.co.il/woodhouse

Together we will be unloaded and explain the behind the scenes of WOODHOUSE, and through this we will learn about sound and drums and the amazing connection between the two and how to work together.

Workshop Topics:

• Preparation for sound improvisations and drums – how to prepare for a session / situation where everything is improvised and come to serve the moment, what are the principles that stand behind it.

• A creative way of thinking with the tools we have – how to look beyond our tools while knowing deeply about the function and consequences of our choices, once you understand and internalize the function and effects of what we radiate, we will use it as another tool to serve our purpose.

• Arriving at a special sound that suits our playing style – how to find and deepen the set that is best for you, which serves your ideas flow in the most comfortable and intuitive way.

• Ability to express freely – internalization and recognition of the idea that there is no good and evil, there is an existing situation with which we can play and use whatever we want, we will learn to bend all the elements that exist for our benefit.

• Creative ways to use a computer – A computer can be an amazing musical instrument that perfectly integrates with our stap and ideas.

70% of the sound is in the hands of the player, we will also learn how to think in the range of frequencies and how to put together a unified picture of a whole set stands by itself for a variety of situations.

• Drum Mix – Learn how you can use technical tools such as microphones, sound cards, and computer software to help us express the sound we want to play. We will talk about the ability of everyone at home or in the home studio to create unique and original sounds.

• Cooperation and the connection between sound and drums – Together we will explore and understand how the two merge, and we will learn how one idea can simply develop and grow while nourishing only the dialogue that takes place between us. In addition, we will understand together what each one expects and what each of us can do to encourage and strengthen this dialogue into an artistic work.

For more details and tickets (very limited number of places) –

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