Sat 23 November 2019 | 2:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Suzanne Dellal - Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv,

Curtain 2
Ravid Abarbanel * Olivia Court Mass * New Ronnie * Rebecca Laufer and Matthews Van Rossum

9/11, Saturday, 20:00
Kibbutz Gaaton – Zachary Hall, International Dance Village

15/11, Friday, 14:00
23/11 , Saturday, 20:00
Tel Aviv – Zehava Studio, Suzanne Dellal Center

20/11, Wednesday, 20:00
Be’er Sheva – Studio Generation

Works premiered by:
Ravid Abarbanel: UPROOTED
trying to rise, scratching himself off the floor, moving forward forward.
Disassembles and reassembles buildings that have become temporary, with the aim of continuing to move and search for the ultimate structure that I define as home.
Choreography and performance: Rabid Abarbanel

Rebecca Laufer and Matthews Van Rossum: CEDE
“If we want to explain why our universe exists the way it does, the answer is that it must have qualities that allow intelligent creatures to arise who are capable of asking the question.” (Anthropic Principle)
Dancers: Noa Hulday, Joy fireplace, Rebecca Lauper, two Licht, Mt’aos Van Rossum, Thomas Oar

Ronnie new I and every body
all my life I’ve trained in control physically
, but since when is it legitimate player to transcend the body
and call my own
body he drowned
body of infinite
choreographed and performed by Ronnie new

Olivia Court essay: I CARRY, YOU HOLD
a work that speaks the language of physical actions. dialogue between the inner and mass between two people. There is no hierarchy.
search mutual consent, the body finds the solution to his ability to act otherwise.
choreography: All Yavia Kurt Mesa * Co-creator: Yochai Ginaton
Dancers: Olivia Court Mesa, Yochai Ginaton

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