Thu 25 July 2019 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
WayCup Coffee - Yohanan Hasandler 23, Tel Aviv,

Hey,  we are happy to invite you to another special capping evening at our regular place; Waycup coffee, Mikve Israel 17, Tel Aviv

This time with a guest from France, Noa Berger
Noa Berger First of all, a little about Noa:

Noa Berger is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the Ecole des Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris, France, and conducts an ethnographic research on the coffee market in France and Brazil.

At the beginning of the evening Noa will talk about the coffee scene in France and history:

The capital of France has been known for a long time as a city where cafes have icons, but the coffee is bad. Despite this, the Parisian coffee scene changes, and quickly: quality coffee beans are opened in the city on a monthly basis. To understand why French coffee is “bad” and why things start to change, we turn to the history of coffee in France. From the Turkey-Mania and the Versailles Palace, through bourgeois women who drink hot chocolate, the French Revolution, the war between Napoleon’s France and England, and until the third wave, the history of coffee in France seems not only to be “good” or “bad” Of gender, class, and colonialism.

Noa brought coffee from 16 different roast houses from all over France, including

Coutume; Lomi; Hexagone Café; DOSE – Dealer de café; Belleville Brlerlerie – Paris; Café Mokxa; Terres de café; The Beans on Fire; Kawa Coffee; Café Piha; Oven Heaven; Esperanza Cafe;

Arrival: 20:00
Beginners: 20:15

Admission is free of charge.

We will be happy to see you! 

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