Thu 8 March 2018 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Mazeh 9 - Mazeh 9, Tel Aviv,

Cheap workshops and inspiring talks from successful women (in Hebrew)

Celebrate Women’s Week at Mazeh 9 with fascinating content evenings open to the public (at the bottom of the table):

Women’s Day 08/03 >> Culture and consumption >> Experiential and other journey in consumer culture

Workshops Do it yourself from existing materials // Take market – Tani / A meeting of deepening dialogue and reflections on the culture you need

*** To move in the magical space of Mazah 9 – In the evening that is all possibility / deepening / creation / action / otherwise in one of our daily habits in the West – needs to buy and consume all the time and more The culture you need is the possibility of looking at the issue of consumption from a feminine point of view – as consumers and producers, in a critical, conscious and liberating way.
* You can attend the entire event or participate only in the parts that interest you.
* Registration for workshops is limited to all others free and free. 19:00 – Workshops >> Preparation of natural home deodorant from natural and nutritious materials,

Preparation of dream catchers from old crocheted maps, led by Hygge Tlv.

Preparation of wooden jewelry from recycled wooden scraps, facilitated by TALALE’s Wooden Accessories

Prints on minimalist products made of natural materials, facilitated by Maayan Gutfeld studio

Participants in workshops with a nominal value of NIS 10.
All workshops are delivered by women’s businesses 🙂

20:30 – Lecture and discourse >>
Deepening the discourse and reflections on consumer culture and its impact on us as women We will review the consumer culture in a critical and conscious manner, from the production process that exploits women elsewhere in the world to Western consumers We will discuss the responsibility and share our feelings and thoughts on the subject, which
will be guided by “Tailor for You,” a social feminine business that has long been engaged in self-image and body through sewing.

throughout the evening – let the market take->>
invited to the peer clothes So you do not wear than 1001 reasons, and return home with a few new items 🙂 items can begin to Mazeh nine days before the event, at -07 / 03,
Each can bring up to 10 items! To be clean and of high quality. Also, we are looking for volunteers to help us operate the market (and see first the details are equal :)). If you are like this, please contact Adi 054-2063628

* All clothes that you do not take will not be donated *
Why? Because all the organizations, organizations and turnover are flooded with used clothes – just like the rest of the earth. And Africa has nothing to do with all the donations it receives. Invite female artists, students, and social activists to run clothes for personal use or protest to collect their clothes.

In the meantime, let’s consume less.


In addition, throughout the week, there will be very feminine and significant content here, everyone will be free to enter!

Sunday 04/03 // 19:30 // Presentation of the project “Equal Girls” – in the transition stages that are confusing and stressful to the high school and the army, equal girls is a youth movement and a strong network of security in experiential activities and encounters of magic circle: girl-girl-woman . In the evening the project will be presented and the possibility of volunteering will be offered.

Monday 05/03 // 19:30 // Marathon Writing women’s entries in Wikipedia under the auspices of “Vicky Women”. Did you know that less than 20% of the Wikipedia entries were written by women and even less so the amount of values ​​dealing with women? Come and participate in the revolution!Marathon Editing Women Values ​​>> No need for previous experience! Just come with a laptop, go through a tutorial on the site and work for Wikipedia more bright, interesting and egalitarian. Admission is free! Sign up here: YMLTkniE2gDJcA632

Tuesday 06/03 // 20:00 // “Choose to Know More” – Understanding the World of Preventive Measures of the 21st Century. The event is a women’s dialogue space designed to break the taboo about the woman’s body and women’s health.

Tuesday 06/03 // 20:00 / Exposure to the Yemima method – cognitive thinking studies aimed at spiritual awakening and balance of mind. The lecture will be delivered by Audrey Shemesh, a lawyer and instructor at Yemima.

Wednesday 07/03 // 18:00 // Anatomy of Changes – Uri Menachem’s fascinating lecture on the process of changing his sex. As a result of the change, Uri has developed a special and easy to implement model, through which he led the change, even the most difficult, becomes possible. In cooperation with the Yalla, “We’ll

Have a Different Time ” organization 07/03 // 20:00 // Feminist Activism in Social Networks – How do we do it? A lecture will be given by the Kolan organization, which promotes feminist discourse and activity in Israel

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