Thu 25 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Gagarin Club - Derech Salame 46, Tel Aviv,

The 35th birthday of the rock group “Crematorium” meets in a magnificent creative state, with an impressive clip of legendary heroes and characters and a composition that knowledgeable journalists and fans call ideal:
1. Armen Grigoryan (aka ASG, he is also a pop-hat!) Is the author of music and texts, the founder of the band, the vocalist, the guitarist and the permanent leader.
2. Max Gucelchikov – a virtuoso violinist and keyboard player, merry fellow and energizer – a golden bow of Russia!
3. Nikolai Korshunov is the bass player of the team, the candidate of the most philosophical sciences, Freud of the women’s hearts, who knows exactly where to perform the serenade, and where to hit on rock and roll!
4. Andrew Ermola – drummer master, ruler of plates and the owner of two magic tydyshch-rods!
5. Vladimir Kulikov – the youngest participant of the CT, but not for years talented guitarist, and also the endorser of the world-famous guitar brand!

Founded in the 20th century, the Moscow rock band with a frightening shocking name, having replaced more than a dozen participants, managed to synthesize several musical genres, one can say, to invent a new subgenre, the sound of which became a visiting card of the collective and even received from rock critics the definition of waltz- rock! All this allowed the group to play a special and one of the main roles in the domestic rock music!
However, Crematorium is not only music, but also philosophy, and even a special universe created by Armen Grigoryan in collaboration with outstanding philosophers and writers, from Aristotle, Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Edgar Poe to Kurt Vonnegut, Andrei Platonov, Henry Hesse and other literary geniuses! Almost all the songs of the ASG are essentially finished, built-in stories with fictional or real prototypes (Elsa, Khabibulin, Outsider, Caligula, Pavlik Morozov, etc.)!

Armen Grigoryan: “I will note two works by Henry Miller -” Tropic of Cancer “and” Tropic of Capricorn “<…> It was there that Tanya appeared in the corresponding song. <…> By the way, Emily Dickinson and my “Little Girl” have a connection! ”

It should be noted that many songs received unpredictable parallel life, for example, the soundtrack to “Brother-2” – the legendary “Kathmandu” – became for many a symbol of freedom, a hymn of honor and love for the homeland.
By the way, almost all the CT’s albums, beginning with the “Illusory World”, defined in their name the very time and atmosphere in which they were created!

Armen Grigoryan: “Coma” came out when the whole state was in this state! “Alive and dead” – when the country split. “Zombies” – the history of the agony of the political system in which we lived. And it went on – any of our albums defined the stages of life!

So the last album to date “People-Invisible” – an illustration of what is happening in today’s days. There are also “gray cardinals”, and a silent crowd of indifferent inhabitants, and idealist rebels, and competent leaders, and even knights, fighting with millstones of the state machine.

Going through the thorns of the underground, countless tours and creative discoveries, deadly adventures with the use of “newcomers” of the local spill, the mystical predictions of psychics, which led to the ritual of the anniversary hat auto-da-fe, the invincible, independent and proud “Crematorium” enters its 35th year!

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