Thu 10 January 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv,

Curry Alexander Henry, a Brooklyn-born keyboardist, twice Grammy-winner, master of Groove’s variety of colors, from punk through gospel, jazz to sol, collaborating with Bruce Springsteen, De Rotes, Paddy Dadi, So Snarky Papi, Jacob Collier and more and more and more, but in recent years Henry is increasingly working on a variety of projects from his own production. In 2014 Henry released his first album, First Steps, and two years later The Revival. Two works by Grove and Alturi Live from Gospel to Stevie Wonder. In 2018, the first album of The Funk Apostles came to the world. The band with him Corrie had already visited Tel Aviv [October 2017] and gave an unforgettable evening in front of Barbie, a crowd full of vibrations.

His solistic, sorcerery and charismatic nature will create for him millions of views and a magnetizing presence on social platforms, and a rapidly growing and thirsty audience of fans. With his main weapon Hammond B3, Corrie Henry decided to produce his own ensembles and fulfill his personal destiny – and in addition to the punk epicastals who has been haunting the world for the last two years and positioning him as the new generation punk priest, Corey has formed the trio of the season Revival, Loket, the Epostalas drummer, and the guitarist Iziya Sharki. 

We felt that the time had come to taste more of the gospel duo and experience the new trio, creating sorcery on Kibbutz Galuyot, so we did everything to make it happen: The Revival Tour will last for a month, with 24 performances in a dozen different countries. The Rivival Trio, led by Corrie Henry, will open [again] their European tour in Israel, Thursday, 10.1.2019, in Barbie, Tel Aviv, ticket prices will range from 175 to 215

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